Storage Solutions

At TKS we not only manufacture kitchens, we do everything storage. Our fantastic team of joiners can create the perfect storage solutions for all areas of your home, from walk in wardrobes through to shelving unit in your garage. Every storage area can look as beautiful as a new kitchen and is only limited by your imagination. We use a quality range of materials to create walk in wardrobes with recessed lighting, pull out mirrors, drawers and shelves for everything from socks to ties through to jewellery and shoe displays.

Customised wardrobes

Customisation of wardrobes solutions have taken clothes storage to a whole new level, so why not create a space that displays your clothes and shoes in a way that is keeps everything tidy and accessible. At TKS we want your day to start off great, so why not start off in a space that reflects your personality and allows you to start your day stress free. The TKS team are highly experienced in manufacturing of custom wardrobe and storage solutions, and they will take the time to identify exactly what you need and producer the perfect result to your match your requirements.


At TKS we have the ability to purchase appliances on your behalf through our local Noel Leemings store at a discounted price.  Our team are happy to source different materials and products that you may have seen in magazines and to help you create a “story board” to make your kitchen dreams a reality. 



We know that the garage can be one of the toughest environments and cabinets will need to take some knocks especially when storing camping equipment, children’s larger play items through to tools and paint cans. Our quality product have been proven to stand the test of time and will give you many years of use and still look as good as the day they were installed.

Study Areas

We can even fit out your study areas from small nooks in a kitchen where the family use a computer to a working from home environment in a separate room. We can customise drawers and cupboards along with desk tops to suit any space no matter how big or small. Just ask the team to draw up a 3D solution so you can visualise exactly what you would be getting.


Designing customised storage solutions for all areas of your home.