Laundries and Mudroom

One of the hardest wearing places in the home is the laundry, so we are passionate about designing the perfect area that is both practical and functional. We make sure that all the surfaces are hard wearing and always looking great and we know that making great spaces in all areas is the key to making a beautiful home. The laundry can be as fantastic as the kitchen and can reflect the same design principals and colours and can be an extension of the same style ensuring your homes has a seamless finish.



If you need a new washing machine and dryer to compliment your new laundry we are able to source discounted appliances through our local Noel Leemings store. Our designs can incorporate new or old appliances and we will work with you to achieve the right result.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to keep this area tidy, with the kids throwing their dirty laundry and sports gear on the bench through to the dog feeding bowls on the floor. We have access to a great range of pull out baskets and bins to hold anything from dirty laundry through to dog food, we even have pull out iron boards so everything is tucked away neat and tidy. If you have the right storage even the kids will get used to putting their laundry in the right place (sometimes).