Your Kitchen

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home, so we want the results to reflect your personality and style.  We have access to a large selection of finishes and materials that will allow you to enjoy your kitchen for many years to come.  We help you to make considered choices for the longevity and functionality of your kitchen taking into consideration practicality, budgets, and designs that never go out of style.

Kitchen Facelifts

We can provide a “facelift” service for your existing kitchen, where replacement doors and benchtops can add many more years of life to what may already be a great design, but just a little old and tired looking.  Refurbishing an existing kitchen can be a more cost-effective solution when working within a tight budget.  This simple process helps customers to achieve a fresh, updated look with out the expense of replacing all the cabinet interiors, plumbing and electrical. This method had less interruption and can be done over a few days and can be a very easy process.


At TKS we have the ability to purchase appliances on your behalf through our local Noel Leemings store at a discounted price.  Our team are happy to source different materials and products that you may have seen in magazines and to help you create a “story board” to make your kitchen dreams a reality. 

Kitch Design by TKS
Kitchen scullery design

Stress Free

Our reputation is built on our expertise and years of experience creating wonderful kitchens for customers as well as using only the best quality materials in our designs.  Undertaking any kitchen project can be challenging and here at TKS we take away the stress as we deal only with reputable local subcontractors and construction professionals.  We take away the complexities of kitchen installation and design and effectively make the whole process streamlined.

The Design Process

The options are endless at what can be achieved when it comes to kitchen deigns and our simple processes from consultation to completion will make your experience a breeze. If required we are able to arrange the removal of walls, installation of new aluminium or timber windows and doors, and the complete renovation of walls, ceilings and floors with our fantastic inhouse team of carpenters and aluminium joiners.  No kitchen project is too big or too small for our expert team to handle.

Commercial Fit outs

When it comes to commercial situations TKS is also happy to design retail and restaurant fitouts that can create the perfect wow factor that enhances the customers shopping or dining experience.  We can manufacture the perfect bar or seating areas, through to display cabinets and shelving.  We are effectively your one stop shop for all thing cabinetry and will make what can be a stressful time launching a new business into an enjoyable experience.

Your kitchen is more than a place for cooking and eating, it’s a place for entertaining, socialising and spending time with your family.