Bathrooms and Wet Areas

Bathrooms are one area in the house that have high usage with several wet areas within one space. The key to making sure this area remain a beautiful room is quality products that will stand up to the steamy environment and water spills. The bathroom is by far the hardest to keep clean and using the right products in this space will make all the difference to ensure that your bathroom stands the test of time. Whether you want a modern, classic or minimalist look we can produce the right style vanity, storage towers and cupboards that reflect your choice of style.



Our team will work with other professionals to proudly build a quality bathroom that suits you and your family. We engage local flooring and tiling specialist to enhance your design and work with our construction team to build you that perfect bathroom, just like the ones you see in magazines.

If a building consent is needed, we can recommend local architects to help you through this process too. All our subtrades are locals that we have worked with many times before, people who we trust to deliver what is required and who can achieve a very high standard of workmanship.

Creating beautiful bathrooms to suit your family’s requirements.